110/07/06991SupermanStreet Noize Digital3:51
102/28/76794The Game Is Over (What's The Matter With You)Capitol 41983:25
104/04/602312The MadisonAmy 8042:32
105/04/85766(Come On) ShoutMercury 8806943:34
BROWN, Arthur
109/07/68213FireAtlantic 25562:52
BROWN, Bobby
112/20/86579GirlfriendMCA 528664:06
207/23/88826Don't Be CruelMCA 533274:07
310/22/88124My PrerogativeMCA 533834:30
401/07/89317RoniMCA 534634:30
503/25/89321Every Little StepMCA 536183:53
606/10/89220On Our OwnMCA 536624:30
708/26/89721Rock Wit'chaMCA 536524:20
808/08/92320Humpin' AroundMCA 543424:21
910/17/92723Good EnoughMCA 545173:52
1001/16/931416Get AwayMCA 545114:40
1104/24/93579That's The Way Love IsMCA 546184:07
BROWN, Boots, And His Blockbusters
      and his Blockbusters
RCA 72692:04
BROWN, Buster
102/07/603817Fannie MaeFire 10082:50
209/25/60813Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My BabyFire 10232:28
302/03/62992Sugar BabeFire 5072:30
BROWN, Charles
112/25/61762Please Come Home For ChristmasKing 54052:50
BROWN, Chris
108/27/05138Run It!
      Featuring Juelz Santana
Jive 706153:52
212/31/05721Yo (Excuse Me Miss)Jive 808653:49
304/22/061520Gimme That
      Featuring Lil' Wayne
Jive 0063153:06
408/26/061023Say GoodbyeJive Digital4:49
      Featuring Jay Biz
Jive Digital4:25
606/16/07799Wall To WallJive PROMO SINGLE3:48
709/29/07126Kiss Kiss
      Featuring T-Pain
Jive 173924:11
812/08/07623This Christmas
      Featuring Chris Classic
Fox Digital3:02
912/15/07229With YouJive Digital4:12
1005/03/084320Take You DownJive Digital4:05
1105/10/08233ForeverJive Digital4:40
1208/30/08162DreamerJive Digital3:33
1310/24/092019I Can Transform Ya
      Featuring Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
Jive Digital3:49
1412/12/09539CrawlJive Digital3:56
1512/26/09881What I Do
      Featuring Plies
Jive Digital4:00
      Featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall
Jive Digital4:36
1711/13/101522*Yeah 3XJive Digital4:01
1812/25/106218*No BSJive Digital4:06
BROWN, Chuck, & The Soul Searchers
102/03/793412Bustin' Loose Part 1Source 409673:52
103/18/78745Sitting In Limbo1st American 1023:17
102/15/97720I'll Be
      Featuring Jay-Z
Violator 5740283:00
208/16/975315Big Bad Mamma
      Featuring Dru Hill
Violator 5714413:52
301/23/99916Hot SpotViolator 5664993:57
BROWN, Horace
103/30/966212One For The MoneyMotown 05124:03
208/10/96951Things We Do For LoveMotown 03604:50
BROWN, James
112/15/584813Try MeFederal 123372:28
205/02/60338ThinkFederal 123702:45
306/27/60861You've Got The PowerFederal 123702:40
408/29/60795This Old HeartFederal 123782:08
511/14/60686The BellsKing 54232:54
602/27/61408BewilderedKing 54422:23
705/15/61478I Don't MindKing 54662:41
808/21/61494Baby, You're RightKing 55243:05
912/18/614810Lost SomeoneKing 55733:05
1004/14/623511Night TrainKing 56143:35
1107/07/62614Shout And ShimmyKing 56573:00
1209/29/62822Mashed Potatoes U.S.AKing 56722:49
1312/08/62933Three Hearts In A TangleKing 57013:00
1402/09/63991Every Beat Of My HeartKing 57102:56
1504/20/631811Prisoner Of LoveKing 57392:27
1607/27/63556These Foolish ThingsKing 57672:51
1710/12/63775Signed, Sealed And DeliveredKing 58032:45
1801/25/642310Oh Baby Don't You Weep (Part 1)King 58422:58
1902/15/64952Please, Please, PleaseKing 58532:41
2005/02/64951CaledoniaSmash 18982:44
2107/04/64991The Things That I Used To DoSmash 19082:55
2208/15/642410Out Of Sight
      James Brown & His Orchestra (above 3)
Smash 19192:23
2312/26/64922Have Mercy BabyKing 59682:14
2407/17/65813Papa's Got A Brand New BagKing 59991:55
2511/13/65312I Got You (I Feel Good)King 60152:44
2611/20/65638Try Me (Instrumental)Smash 20083:06
2702/05/66942Lost SomeoneKing 60202:42
2802/19/66732I'll Go CrazyKing 60202:10
2903/05/66427Ain't That A Groove Part 1King 60252:39
3004/30/6689It's A Man's Man's Man's WorldKing 60352:52
3107/30/66539Money Won't Change You Part 1King 60482:45
3210/08/66507Don't Be A Drop-OutKing 60563:28
3301/07/67298Bring It UpKing 60712:45
3403/04/67555Kansas CityKing 60862:59
3504/08/671001ThinkKing 60913:22
3605/06/67467Let Yourself GoKing 61002:45
3707/15/67712Cold Sweat - Part 1King 61102:55
3810/28/67406Get It Together (Part 1)King 61223:50
3912/09/67289I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)King 61443:25
4001/20/68368There Was A TimeKing 61443:35
4103/16/68612I Got The Feelin'King 61552:40
4205/25/68527America Is My Home - Pt. 1King 61123:15
4305/25/68148Licking Stick - Licking Stick (Part 1)King 61662:50
4407/27/68556I Guess I'll Have To Cry, Cry, Cry
      & The Famous Flames (2-4, 6-19, 23-25, 27-28, 30-34, 36-39, 41-44)
King 61413:50
4509/07/681011Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud (Part 1)King 61872:45
4611/09/68317Goodbye My LoveKing 61985:36
4712/21/68864Tit For Tat (Ain't No Taking Back)King 62043:05
4801/25/69159Give It Up Or Turnit A LooseKing 62132:45
4904/05/69208I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door, I'll Get..)King 62243:05
5005/31/69309The PopcornKing 62402:55
5106/14/691112Mother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1King 62452:55
5208/23/69416Lowdown PopcornKing 62502:47
5309/13/69377World (Part 1)King 62583:10
5410/11/69218Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn Part 1King 62552:58
5511/22/692411Ain't It Funky Now (Part 1)King 62803:10
5612/20/69408Part Two (Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn)King 45-62752:58
5702/14/70328It's A New Day (Part 1) & (Part 2)King 45-62922:52
5803/21/70515Funky Drummer (Part 1)King 62902:36
5905/02/70328Brother Rapp (Part 1) & (Part 2)King 45-63103:00
6007/18/70159Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine (Part 1)King 45-63182:49
6110/03/701310Super Bad (Part 1 & Part 2)King 45-63294:05
6201/02/71348Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved Pt. 1King 63474:02
6302/27/71299Soul Power Pt. 1King 63683:20
6403/06/71902Spinning Wheel Pt. 1King 63662:20
6505/08/71506I CriedKing 63633:31
6606/12/71356Escape-ism (Part 1)People 25003:14
6707/03/711511Hot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants)People 25013:08
6808/28/71229Make It Funky (Part 1)Polydor 140883:15
6910/23/71686My Part/Make It Funky-Part 3Polydor 140982:40
7011/13/71358I'm A Greedy Man - Part 1Polydor 141002:47
7102/12/72277Talking Loud And Saying Nothing - Part 1Polydor 141093:15
7203/04/72407King HeroinPolydor 141163:56
7305/06/72437There It Is Part 1Polydor 14123:05
7406/24/72448Honky Tonk - Part 1
      Soul Train
Polydor 141293:05
7508/05/721814Get On The Good Foot-Part 1Polydor 141393:36
7611/18/72447I Got A Bag Of My OwnPolydor 141533:46
7712/23/72567What My Baby Needs Now Is A Little More Lovin'Polydor 141572:54
7801/20/73278I Got Ants In My Pants - Part 1 And I Want To DancePolydor 141623:02
7903/10/73507Down And Out In New York CityPolydor 141683:15
8005/19/73775ThinkPolydor 141773:14
8108/11/73802ThinkPolydor 141853:18
8208/18/73508Sexy, Sexy, SexyPolydor 141943:10
8312/01/735811Stoned To The Bone - Part 1Polydor 142104:00
8403/23/742613The Payback - Part 1Polydor 142233:30
8506/22/742913My ThangPolydor 142444:20
8608/24/743111Papa Don't Take No Mess Part 1Polydor 142554:30
8711/09/744410Funky President (People It's Bad)Polydor 142584:05
8811/09/74--6ColdbloodedPolydor 142584:45
8902/22/75804RealityPolydor 142683:55
9005/17/75615Sex Machine Part 1Polydor 142705:45
9108/14/76457Get Up Offa That ThingPolydor 143264:11
9202/26/77883Bodyheat (Part 1)Polydor 143604:05
9312/07/85419Living In AmericaScotti Brothers 4-056824:08
9410/18/86932GravityScotti Brothers 4-062753:52
111/14/704711MorningRCA Victor 45-99093:05
BROWN, Jocelyn
106/16/847510Somebody Else's GuyVinyl Dreams 713:46
BROWN, Louise
105/08/61765Son-In-LawWitch 1012:05
BROWN, Maxine
112/31/601912All In My MindNomar 1032:15
203/27/612510FunnyNomar 1062:18
306/30/62981My Time For Cryin'ABC-Par. 103272:47
404/06/63755Ask MeWand 1352:59
501/04/64992Coming Back To YouWand 1422:47
610/24/642413Oh No Not My BabyWand 1622:29
702/13/65567It's Gonna Be AlrightWand 1732:35
807/03/65559One Step At A TimeWand 1852:03
912/11/65639If You Gotta Make A Fool Of SomebodyWand 11042:13
1009/27/69738We'll Cry TogetherCommon U. 30012:35
BROWN, Nappy
104/30/55254Don't Be AngrySavoy 11552:23
201/19/57579Little By LittleSavoy 15062:32
311/10/58892It Don't Hurt No MoreSavoy 15512:22
BROWN, Oscar, Jr.
105/18/74696The Lone RangerAtlantic 30014:03
BROWN, Peter
109/17/771814Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With MeDrive 62583:43
203/04/78828Dance With MeDrive 62693:45
309/23/78548You Should Do It
      with Betty Wright (above 2)
Drive 62723:40
408/18/79866Crank It Up (Funk Town)Drive 62783:47
512/15/79598StargazerDrive 62813:49
BROWN, Polly
101/04/751613Up In A Puff Of SmokeGTO 10023:20
BROWN, Randy
103/31/79724You Say It AllParachute 5232:43
104/24/57892Party DollImperial 54272:10
206/22/572915Let The Four Winds BlowImperial 54392:12
102/13/57259Lucky LipsAtlantic 11252:03
209/28/582410This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'Atlantic 11971:42
306/07/59962Jack O' DiamondsAtlantic 20262:30
410/18/59646I Don't KnowAtlantic 20352:49
503/20/60628Don't Deceive MeAtlantic 20522:13
606/23/62972Shake A HandPhilips 400283:16
709/08/62991Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)Philips 400562:58
104/15/896510StopA&M 12344:00
BROWN, Shirley
111/02/742214Woman To WomanTruth 32063:54
205/10/75942It Ain't No FunTruth 32235:20
BROWN, Zac, Band
104/10/082025Chicken FriedRoar Digital3:37
203/28/092620Whatever It IsHome Grown/Atlantic Digital3:28
308/08/092520ToesHome Grown/Atlantic Digital4:21
401/30/104020Highway 20 RideHome Grown/Atlantic Digital3:49
506/05/103419FreeHome Grown/Atlantic Digital3:48
608/28/103220As She's Walking Away
      Featuring Alan Jackson
Southern Ground/Atlantic 5255603:44
BROWNE, Jackson
103/18/72812Doctor My EyesAsylum 110042:55
208/05/72489Rock Me On The WaterAsylum 110063:47
309/29/738510Redneck FriendAsylum 110233:58
402/05/77239Here Come Those Tears AgainAsylum 453793:27
505/21/77585The PretenderAsylum 453994:47
602/11/781117Running On EmptyAsylum 454604:50
706/10/782015StayAsylum 45485 A3:14
806/10/788The Load OutAsylum 45485 B5:38
907/05/801916BoulevardAsylum 470033:15
1009/20/802213That Girl Could SingAsylum 470364:34
1107/31/82719Somebody's BabyAsylum 7-699824:02
1207/09/831315Lawyer's In LoveAsylum 698264:10
1309/24/832517Tender Is The NightAsylum 697914:51
1401/14/84459For A RockerAsylum 697644:23
1503/01/863012For AmericaAsylum 7-695665:10
1606/07/86707In The Shape Of A HeartAsylum 695434:07
108/02/59117The Three BellsRCA Victor 47-75552:47
211/08/591314Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)RCA Victor 76142:35
303/20/60515The Old LamplighterRCA 77002:20
404/03/60477Teen-ExRCA 77001:51
511/20/60567Send Me The Pillow You Dream OnRCA 78042:10
611/25/60971Blue ChristmasRCA 78202:08
704/16/61972Ground HogRCA 78662:12
112/10/94827If You Love MeMJJ Music 777323:37
204/29/954915GrapevineMJJ Music 778643:47
307/15/955413I Can't Tell You WhyMJJ Music 778483:53
405/17/9739165 Miles To EmptyMJJ Music 784965:05
112/23/72963The Red Back SpiderBig Tree 1562:40
203/03/73578Let Your Yeah Be YeahBig Tree 1613:30
310/27/73319Smokin' In The Boys RoomBig Tree 160112:57
405/25/74488I'm The Leader Of The GangBig Tree 150053:09
508/01/74319Kings Of The PartyBig Tree 160013:20
606/04/774610Lady (Put The Light On Me)Private Stock 45,1493:24
708/20/77597The Martian BoogiePrivate Stock 45,1674:20
BRUBECK, Dave Quartet
109/17/612512Take FiveColumbia 414792:50
212/10/61746Unsquare DanceColumbia 422282:01
301/05/63697Bossa Nova U.S.AColumbia 426512:19
102/22/64853Custom MachineColumbia 429561:36
207/25/64725Summer Means FunColumbia 430552:12
108/18/075913All My Friends SayCapitol Nashville Digital4:03
209/20/08749Country ManCapitol Nashville Digital3:10
309/19/093420Do ICapitol Nashville Digital4:00
404/10/103720Rain Is A Good ThingCapitol Nashville Digital2:56
511/13/105620Someone Else Calling You BabyCapitol Nashville Digital3:49
107/05/593013Till There Was YouCarlton 5122:07
209/27/59626Six Boys And Seven GirlsCarlton 5182:30
301/03/60941Do-Re-MiCarlton 5231:40
401/03/60783Promise Me A Rose (A Slight Detail)Carlton 5232:30
504/17/60517Paper RosesCarlton 5282:49
607/17/601014In My Little Corner Of The WorldCarlton 5302:00
710/16/60627One Of The Lucky OnesCarlton 5352:06
812/11/601810Wonderland By NightCarlton 5373:14
902/19/61854A Texan And A Girl From MexicoCarlton 5382:40
1005/21/61872I Can't Do It By MyselfCarlton 5472:27
1105/16/64598The World Of Lonely PeopleColumbia 430372:17
104/17/60309The Madison Time - Part 1Columbia 416283:05
209/30/67892Ode To Billy JoeCadet 55752:32
108/19/893413Let GoWing 8717224:09
212/16/89905Foolish HeartWing 8898784:33
101/09/824212Let The Feeling FlowCapitol 50654:38
207/09/831629Tonight, I Celebrate My Love
      & Peabo Bryson
Capitol 5242 A3:29
312/24/835811You're Looking Like Love To Me
      & Roberta Flack
Capitol 53073:43
405/12/841025If Ever You're In My Arms AgainElektra 697284:02
509/29/84824Slow Dancin'Elektra 696993:55
606/29/85786Take No Prisoners (In The Game Of Love)Elektra 696323:59
702/06/88893Without You
      & Regina Bell
Elektra 694265:14
806/22/915215Can You Stop The RainColumbia 737454:55
912/19/92123A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)Columbia 747513:58
109/13/03983Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)Nettwerk 331904:38
102/15/691412Hot Smoke & SasafrassInternational Artists 1282:30
BUBLE, Michael
105/21/057220Home143 Digital (Reprise)3:45
204/29/06991Save The Last Dance For Me143 Digital (Reprise)3:37
304/07/074620Everything143 Digital (Reprise)3:35
404/19/08971Lost143 Digital (Reprise)3:39
509/19/092444Haven't Met You Yet143 Digital (Reprise)4:05
609/25/10552Hollywood143 Digital4:13
112/09/57855The Creature (From A Science Fiction Movie)Flying Saucer 5012:51
108/04/56313The Flying Saucer Parts 1 & 2Luniverse 1014:16
211/17/56801Buchanan & Goodman On TrialLuniverse 1022:16
307/22/571813Flying Saucer The 2ndLuniverse 1052:11
412/23/57325Santa & The Satellite (Parts I & II)Luniverse 1071:23
105/03/692211Medicine Man (Part 1)Event 33022:58
209/20/69616Son Of A Lovin' ManEvent 33052:43
105/20/065920Crazy BitchEleven Seven Digital3:22
212/22/07924SorryEleven Seven Digital3:46
311/22/08961Too DrunkEleven Seven Digital4:01
107/01/954918The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)Big Beat 981403:24
108/25/79635Where Will Your Heart Take YouPolydor 145782:58
110/24/81919TroubleAsylum 472233:45
208/06/83825Holiday RoadWarner 295702:11
307/28/842316Go InsaneElektra 697143:05
112/31/66113Kind Of A DragUSA 8602:05
203/11/67614Don't You CareColumbia 440532:23
303/11/67416Laudy Miss ClaudyUSA 8691:57
406/17/67512Mercy, Mercy, MercyColumbia 441822:58
509/09/671210Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song)Columbia 442542:35
612/09/671112SusanColumbia 443782:48
706/08/68576Back In Love AgainColumbia 445332:21
101/09/82919Pac-Man FeverColumbia 18-026733:43
104/01/72845Simple Song Of FreedomLondon 1763:02
110/23/60649Ballad Of The AlamoLiberty 552842:47
104/19/033819Pump It UpDef Jam 0003954:14
107/02/66874Hot ShotSwan 42552:37
206/01/68884Here Come Da JudgeMarquee 4432:17
101/28/67715For What It's WorthAtco 64592:37
207/15/67587BluebirdAtco 64991:59
309/30/67447Rock 'N' Roll WomanAtco 65192:44
401/13/68982Expecting To FlyAtco 65452:36
510/12/68823On The Way HomeAtco 66152:25
105/18/743014Come MondayDunhill 43853:07
204/02/77822MargaritavilleABC 122543:20
309/17/773710Changes In Latitudes, Changes In AttitudesABC 123053:15
404/22/783211Cheeseburger In ParadiseABC 123582:51
508/12/78526Livingstone Saturday NightABC 123913:09
612/02/78846MananaABC 124282:45
709/08/793511FinsMCA 411093:27
812/22/79667VolcanoMCA 411613:37
903/08/80775SurviveMCA 411993:41
1002/21/81578It's My JobMCA 510613:10
1106/19/046311Hey Good Lookin'
      With C. Black, K. Chesney, A. Jackson, T. Keith & G. Strait
RCA Album Cut2:59
103/16/96789Give Me...A ReasonVelocity 06295:03
111/10/794010Video Killed The Radio StarIsland 491143:20
108/24/683914The Funky JudgeToddlin' Town 1082:25
110/14/724415NoDecca 329962:34
102/03/79567SurvivorUnited Artists 12613:57
201/12/80903Trust MeCasablanca 22173:30
111/06/712813White Lies, Blue EyesBig Tree 1232:54
203/11/72962Willpower Weak, Temptation StrongBig Tree 1312:44
104/29/89786For The Love Of MoneyWarner 275543:38
207/22/897110Smooth UpWarner 228764:28
112/11/76925Love BugMercury 738642:30
101/02/711717TimothyScepter 122752:45
212/19/71843Give Up Your GunsScepter 123184:14
BURBANK, Gary, With Band McNally
106/28/80675Who Shot J.R.?
      with Band McNally
Ovation 11503:40
BURDON, Eric, And War
105/23/70321Spill The WineMGM 141184:51
212/19/70508They Can't Take Away Our MusicMGM 141966:50
BURKE, Solomon
109/18/612417Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)Atlantic 21142:46
201/27/624410Cry To MeAtlantic 21312:33
305/26/62718Down In The ValleyAtlantic 21472:31
407/07/62852I'm Hanging Up My Heart For YouAtlantic 21473:00
509/08/62933I Really Don't Want To KnowAtlantic 21572:58
604/20/633711If You Need MeAtlantic 21852:30
707/20/63666Can't Nobody Love YouAtlantic 21962:30
811/02/63498You're Good For MeAtlantic 22053:01
902/08/64518He'll Have To GoAtlantic 22183:20
1004/18/643310Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)Atlantic 22263:10
1107/18/64588Everybody Needs Somebody To LoveAtlantic 22412:46
1210/10/64923Yes I DoAtlantic 22543:04
1311/28/64575The PriceAtlantic 22592:44
1403/06/652210Got To Get You Off My MindAtlantic 22762:32
1505/29/652810Tonight's The NightAtlantic 22882:37
1608/21/65894Someone Is WatchingAtlantic 22992:50
1711/27/65942Only Love (Can Save Me Now)Atlantic 23082:16
1801/08/66962Baby Come On HomeAtlantic 23143:17
1904/09/66972I Feel A Sin Coming OnAtlantic 23272:46
2002/11/67645Keep A Light In The Window Till I Come HomeAtlantic 23783:21
2107/01/67495Take Me (Just As I Am)Atlantic 24162:58
2205/04/68688I Wish I KnewAtlantic 25072:46
2305/03/69457Proud MaryBell 7833:16
2405/01/71962The Electronic Magnetism (That's Heavy, Baby)MGM 142213:19
2504/15/72895Love's Street And Fool's RoadMGM 143533:10
2603/22/75962You And Your Baby BluesChess 21593:30
111/01/80685Don't Say NoColumbia 113803:02
102/01/602315(There Was A) Tall Oak TreeEra 30122:05
206/06/604811Hey Little OneEra 30192:17
301/25/69676The Greatest LoveLiberty 560872:45
107/25/601115Dreamin'Liberty 552582:20
210/31/60815You're SixteenLiberty 552851:56
302/06/61179Little Boy SadLiberty 552982:01
405/01/61587Big Big WorldLiberty 553182:18
510/16/61189God, Country And My BabyLiberty 553792:10
105/10/80819Tired Of Toein' The LineEMI America 80433:32
BURNS, George
101/19/804910I Wish I Was Eighteen AgainMercury 570113:22
106/06/70874Melanie Makes Me SmileBell 8843:04
109/26/87658Follow YouA&M 29683:42
101/28/84816Remember What You LikeAtlantic 897484:21
206/09/84547Strangers In A Strange World
      & Patrick Jude
Atlantic 896604:21
BURTON, Richard
101/03/65645Married ManMGM 133072:29
108/04/84685Cleanin' Up The TownArista 92292:58
BUSCH, Lou, and His Orchestra
112/24/55756ZambeziCapitol 32722:35
202/25/56351111th Hour Melody
      and His Orchestra (above 2)
Capitol 33492:49
109/02/953020ComedownTrauma 981344:04
201/27/962820GlycerineTrauma 980884:23
304/13/964320MachineheadTrauma 980794:16
410/02/996720The Chemicals Between UsTrauma Album Cut3:37
BUSH, Kate
102/17/79854The Man With The Child In His EyesEMI America 80062:40
209/07/853020Running Up That HillEMI America 82854:56
312/25/93886Rubberband GirlColumbia 772804:43
103/09/96820Woo-Hah!! Got You All In CheckElektra 643354:15
203/09/9616Everything Remains RawElektra 643353:40
307/13/965213It's A Party
      Featuring Zhane
Elektra 642684:39
401/10/98919DangerousElektra 641313:36
505/09/981020Turn It Up[Remix]/Fire It UpElektra 641013:54
603/13/99320What's It Gonna Be?!
      Featuring Janet
Elektra 640515:31
711/10/012620Break Ya NeckJ 210614:05
803/02/021120Pass The Courvoisier Part II
      Featuring P. Diddy & Pharrell
J 211544:39
911/09/024620Make It Clap
      Featuring Spliff Star
J 212363:41
1003/08/03324I know What You Want
      & Mariah Carey Featuring The Flipmode Squad
J / MonarC 212585:24
1108/09/035810Light Your Ass On FireStar Trak 542453:40
1212/24/051623Touch ItAftermath 0061503:40
1306/10/064112I Love My B****
      Featuring & Kelis
Aftermath 0070813:52
1405/17/08651We Made It
      Featuring Linkin Park
Aftermath Digital3:58
1512/20/08866Arab MoneyUniversal Motown Digital2:47
109/07/632510Bust OutArlen 7352:18
107/31/61963Don't Forget I Love YouEnrica 10072:20
BUTCHER, Jon, Axis
111/30/85943Sounds Of Your VoiceCapitol 55343:39
BUTLER, Billy, & The Chanters
107/03/65606I Can't Work No LongerOkeh 72212:23
102/09/63882Don't Let Me Cross OverColumbia 425932:52
BUTLER, Champ, With George Cates
111/19/55774Someone On Your Mind
      with George Cates and His Chorus and Orchestra
Coral 614962:19
106/16/581112For Your Precious Love
      and the Impressions
Abner/Falcon 10132:41
210/31/60715He Will Break Your HeartVee-Jay 3542:40
303/06/612710Find Another GirlVee-Jay 3752:39
407/24/61258I'm A Telling YouVee-Jay 3902:22
510/09/611117Moon RiverVee-Jay 4052:45
607/07/622011Make It Easy On YourselfVee-Jay 4512:30
710/13/62637You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)Vee-Jay 4632:37
812/15/621001Theme From Taras Bulba (The Wishing Star)Vee-Jay 4752:35
903/30/63686Whatever You WantVee-Jay 4862:49
1011/23/633111Need To BelongVee-Jay 5672:52
1104/04/64566Giving Up On LoveVee-Jay 5882:28
1206/27/64952I Don't Want To Hear AnymoreVee-Jay 5982:58
1308/01/64616I Stand AccusedVee-Jay 5982:53
1403/06/65644Good TimesVee-Jay 6512:25
1503/26/66992For Your Precious LoveVee-Jay 7152:36
1601/21/67609I Dig You BabyMercury 726482:38
1710/21/67387Mr. Dream MerchantMercury 727212:37
1812/30/67626LostMercury 727642:35
1905/04/682014Never Give You UpMercury 727982:56
2008/31/681613Hey, Western Union ManMercury 728502:37
2112/07/683910Are You HappyMercury 728762:40
2203/01/69413Only The Strong SurviveMercury 728982:35
2305/31/692410Moody WomanMercury 729292:13
2408/30/692010What's The Use Of Breaking UpMercury 729602:36
2511/15/69448Don't Let Love Hang You UpMercury 729912:26
2601/24/70625Got To See If I Can't Get Mommy (To Come Back Home)Mercury 730153:15
2703/21/70465I Could Write A BookMercury 730452:26
2808/22/70951Where Are You GoingMercury 731013:10
2903/06/71698If It's Real What I FeelMercury 731692:38
3007/10/71853How Did We Lose It BabyMercury 732103:03
3110/09/71932Walk Easy My SonMercury 732412:55
3212/11/712118Ain't Understanding Mellow
      and Brenda Lee Eager
Mercury 732554:25
3305/20/72854I Only Have Eyes For YouMercury 732903:31
3409/09/72913(They Long To Be) Close To You
      Featuring Brenda Lee Eager
Mercury 733013:39
3511/04/72527One Night AffairMercury 733351:54
3603/12/775111I Wanna Do It To YouMotown 14143:26
BUTLER, Jonathan
106/27/872714LiesJive 10383:57
109/12/64517Good Night BabyRed Bird 10-0092:36
BYRD, Bobby
110/24/70695I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone) Pt. 1King 63232:55
209/25/71854Hot Pants - I'm Coming, Coming, I'm ComingBrownstone 42033:27
BYRD, Bobby
102/26/72883Keep On Doin' What Your Doin'BrownStone 42052:44
BYRD, Charlie
101/26/63669Meditation (Meditacao)Riverside 45442:30
BYRD, Donald
106/09/73886Black ByrdBlue Note 2123:40
BYRD, Jerry
108/07/60971Theme From Adventures In Paradise
      and His Steel Guitar
Monument 4192:31
203/17/62749Memories Of MariaMonument 4492:14
BYRD, Russell
105/08/61505You'd Better Come HomeWand 1072:20
BYRD, Tracy
110/22/94815Watermelon CrawlMCA 548893:01
204/01/95687The Keeper Of The StarsMCA 549884:06
308/12/95923Walking To JerusalemMCA 550493:21
404/04/986318I'm From The CountryMCA Nashville 720403:24
501/29/00768Put Your Hand In MineRCA Album Cut4:30
601/12/026410Just Let Me Be In LoveRCA (Nashville) Album Cut3:48
707/06/022620Ten Rounds With Jose CuervoRCA (Nashville) Album Cut3:02
807/05/03775The Truth About MenRCA Album Cut2:55
911/29/036016Drinkin' BoneRCA Album Cut2:09
105/15/65113Mr. Tambourine ManColumbia 432712:18
207/03/654010All I Really Want To DoColumbia 433322:02
310/23/65114Turn! Turn! Turn!Columbia 434243:34
402/05/66794Set You Free This TimeColumbia 435012:49
502/12/66635It Won't Be WrongColumbia 435011:58
604/09/66149Eight Miles HighColumbia 435783:35
707/16/664455 D (Fifth Dimension)Columbia 437022:32
809/24/66367Mr. SpacemanColumbia 437662:08
901/28/67297So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll StarColumbia 439872:04
1004/01/67307My Back PagesColumbia 440542:30
1106/10/67744Have You Seen Her FaceColumbia 441572:20
1208/19/67822Lady FriendColumbia 442302:30
1311/18/67893Goin' BackColumbia 443623:22
1405/11/68745You Ain't Going NowhereColumbia 444992:48
1511/01/69656Ballad Of Easy RiderColumbia 449901:39
1602/07/70971Jesus Is Just AlrightColumbia 450712:09
BYRNES, Edward
104/20/59413Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)
      and Connie Stevens
Warner 50472:05
208/10/59429Like I Love YouWarner 50872:28