102/17/62756Surfin'Candix 3312:05
208/11/621417Surfin' SafariCapitol 47772:05
310/13/62761409Capitol 47771:58
412/01/62498Ten Little IndiansCapitol 48801:25
503/23/63317Surfin' U.S.A.Capitol 49322:25
604/27/632313Shut DownCapitol 49321:50
708/03/63714Surfer GirlCapitol 50092:25
808/17/631511Little Deuce CoupeCapitol 50091:40
911/02/63612Be True To Your SchoolCapitol 50692:07
1011/02/632311In My RoomCapitol 50692:09
1102/15/64511Fun, Fun, FunCapitol 51182:18
1205/23/64115I Get AroundCapitol 51742:12
1305/30/642410Don't Worry BabyCapitol 51742:45
1409/05/64910When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)Capitol 52452:01
1510/17/64446WendyCapitol R-52672:20
1610/17/64655Little HondaCapitol R-52671:50
1711/07/64811Dance, Dance, DanceCapitol 53062:00
1802/27/65128Do You Wanna Dance?Capitol 53722:25
1903/06/65525Please Let Me WonderCapitol 53722:45
2004/17/65114Help Me RhondaCapitol 53952:45
2107/24/65311California GirlsCapitol 54642:37
2211/27/65208The Little Girl I Once KnewCapitol 55402:35
2301/01/66211Barbara-AnnCapitol 55612:05
2404/02/66311Sloop John BCapitol 56022:35
2507/30/66811Wouldn't It Be NiceCapitol 57062:22
2608/13/66398God Only KnowsCapitol 57062:46
2710/22/66114Good VibrationsCapitol 56763:35
2808/05/67127Heroes And VilliansBrother 10013:36
2911/04/67316Wild HoneyCapitol 20282:35
3012/23/67199Darlin'Capitol 20682:11
3107/20/68477FriendsCapitol 21602:30
3207/27/682010Do It AgainCapitol 22392:19
3312/14/68616Bluebirds Over The MountainCapitol 23602:52
3403/07/69645Add Some Music To Your DayReprise 08943:39
3503/08/692410I Can Hear MusicCapitol 24322:38
3607/05/69636Break AwayCapitol 25302:54
3710/30/71895Long Promised RoadBrother 10473:29
3802/24/73797Sail On SailorBrother 11383:15
3905/12/73844California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a)Brother 11563:13
4008/17/74368Surfin' U.S.A.Capitol 39242:25
4104/12/754910Sail On SailorBrother 13253:15
4206/05/76517Rock And Roll MusicBrother 13542:26
4308/21/762910It's O.K.Brother 13682:08
4409/09/78596Peggy SueBrother 13942:14
4503/03/79448Here Comes The NightCaribou 90264:28
4604/28/794010Good Timin'Caribou 90292:10
4704/12/80833Goin' OnCaribou 90322:58
4807/25/811218The Beach Boys MedleyCapitol 50304:05
4911/21/811815Come Go With MeCaribou 5-026332:06
5005/25/852612Getcha BackCaribou 049132:59
5108/03/85825It's Gettin' LateCaribou 054333:26
5206/28/86686Rock 'N' Roll To The RescueCapitol 55953:42
5309/20/865710California Dreamin'Capitol 56303:10
5409/03/88128KokomoElektra 693853:34
5508/26/89933Still Cruisin'Capitol 444453:32
112/20/86718(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)Def Jam 065953:28
203/21/874810Brass MonkeyDef Jam 070202:38
308/05/893610Hey LadiesCapitol 444543:47
407/04/92935So What 'Cha WantCapitol 158473:34
508/01/982818IntergalacticGrand R. 587053:45
605/15/046812Ch-Check It OutCapitol Album Cut3:10
708/08/09931Too Many Rappers
      Featuring Nas
Capitol 563914:24
101/18/64115I Want To Hold Your HandCapitol 51122:24
201/25/64115She Loves YouSwan 41522:18
302/01/64313Please Please MeVee-Jay 5812:00
402/08/641411I Saw Her Standing ThereCapitol 51122:50
502/15/64266My Bonnie (My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean)MGM 132132:06
603/07/64416From Me To YouVee-Jay 5811:49
703/14/64211Twist And ShoutTollie 90012:33
803/21/64684Roll Over BeethovenCapitol 721332:40
903/28/64110Can't Buy Me LoveCapitol 51502:12
1003/28/64211Do You Want To Know A SecretVee-Jay 5871:56
1103/28/64456All My LovingCapitol 721442:05
1204/04/64484You Can't Do ThatCapitol 51502:33
1304/04/64357Thank You GirlVee-Jay 5871:58
      With Tony Sheridan (5, 14)
MGM 132272:54
1504/11/64741There's A PlaceTollie 90011:49
1604/11/64114Love Me DoTollie 90082:18
1705/09/64108P.S. I Love YouTollie 90082:00
1806/13/64923Four By The BeatlesCapitol EAP 1-2121 *
1906/27/64971Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)Swan 41822:18
2007/18/64113A Hard Day's NightCapitol 52222:28
2107/18/64199Ain't She SweetAtco 63082:12
2207/25/64129And I Love HerCapitol 52352:29
2307/25/64534I Should Have Known BetterCapitol 52222:42
2408/01/64539If I FellCapitol 52352:17
2508/01/64257I'll Cry InsteadCapitol 52342:05
2608/01/64951I'm Happy Just To Dance With YouCapitol 52341:49
2709/05/64178MatchboxCapitol 52551:37
2809/05/64257Slow DownCapitol 52552:54
2912/05/64111I Feel FineCapitol 53272:20
3012/05/6449She's A WomanCapitol 53272:57
3102/20/65110Eight Days A WeekCapitol 53712:43
3202/20/65396I Don't Want To Spoil The PartyCapitol 53712:38
3302/27/656854-By The BeatlesCapitol R-5365*
3404/24/65111Ticket To RideCapitol 54073:02
3506/24/65464Yes It IsCapitol 54072:40
3607/07/65113Help!Capitol 54762:16
3709/25/65111YesterdayCapitol 54982:04
3809/25/65477Act NaturallyCapitol 54982:28
3912/18/65112We Can Work It OutCapitol 55552:10
4012/18/65510Day TripperCapitol 55552:47
4103/05/6639Nowhere ManCapitol 55872:40
4203/12/66812What Goes OnCapitol 55872:44
4306/11/66110Paperback WriterCapitol 56512:25
4406/11/66237RainCapitol 56512:59
4508/20/6629Yellow SubmarineCapitol 57152:40
4608/27/66118Eleanor RigbyCapitol 57152:11
4702/25/67110Penny LaneCapitol 58103:00
4802/25/6789Strawberry Fields ForeverCapitol 58104:05
4907/22/67111All You Need Is LoveCapitol 59643:57
5007/29/67345Baby You're A Rich ManCapitol 59643:07
5112/02/67111Hello GoodbyeCapitol 20563:24
5212/09/67564I Am The WalrusCapitol 20564:35
5303/23/68411Lady MadonnaCapitol 21382:17
5403/30/68961The Inner LightCapitol 21382:36
5509/14/68119Hey JudeApple 22767:11
5609/14/681211RevolutionApple 22763:22
5705/10/69112Get BackApple 24903:08
5805/10/69354Don't Let Me Down
      With Billy Preston (above 2)
Apple 24903:31
5906/14/6989The Ballad Of John And YokoApple 25312:58
6010/18/69116Come TogetherApple 26544:16
6110/18/69316SomethingApple 26542:59
6203/21/70114Let It BeApple 27643:50
6305/23/70110The Long And Winding Road /Apple 28323:40
6405/23/70--10   For You BlueApple 28322:25
6506/12/76716Got To Get You Into My LifeCapitol 42742:27
6611/20/76497Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaCapitol 43473:10
6709/16/78717Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club/With A Little Help From My FriendsCapitol 46124:44
6803/27/821211Beatles Movie MedleyCapitol 51073:56
6908/09/862315Twist And ShoutCapitol 56242:33
7004/22/95674Baby It's YouApple 583482:44
7112/30/95611Free As A BirdApple 584974:24
7203/23/96117Real LoveApple 585443:48
109/27/97863Off The Books
      Featuring Big Punisher & Cuban Link
Violator 16463:33
206/26/998412Watch Out Now
      Featuring Yellaklaw
Violator 17952:54
104/14/90765Dub Be Good To MeElektra 649704:00
208/25/90768Won't Talk About ItElektra 649483:44
109/21/59506Ski KingColonial 70032:37
101/02/651512Laugh, LaughAutumn 82:45
204/17/65812Just A LittleAutumn 102:10
307/25/65387You Tell Me WhyAutumn 163:04
410/09/65528Don't Talk To StrangersAutumn 202:20
512/25/65971Good Time MusicAutumn 242:58
606/04/66953One Too Many MorningsWB 58132:30
110/31/87806Sweet RachelAmherst 3183:50
105/16/604514Clap Your HandsShad 50172:06
112/25/611001Ev'rybody's Cryin'May 1122:30
203/22/751001Where Have They Gone
      and the Skyliners
Capitol 39792:58
106/14/86738Feel The HeatColumbia 059044:02
101/29/941024LoserDGC 192703:46
206/29/966119Where It's AtDGC/Geffen 222143:43
310/09/96944Devil's HaircutDGC/Geffen 222223:12
405/31/97787The New PollutionDGC 223003:40
509/13/977310Jack-AssDGC 223033:23
603/26/056510E-ProInterscope 0041563:25
BECK, Jeff, & Rod Stewart
106/15/854810People Get ReadyEpic 054164:50
BECK, Jimmy
104/20/59822Pipe DreamsChampion 10022:10
108/10/593221Just As Much As EverDecca 308612:31
201/04/603613Crazy ArmsDecca 310292:20
107/28/79536Rock And Roll Dancin'Casablanca 10003:31
107/27/021021Gotta Get Thru ThisIsland 5709766:10
204/05/031520If You're Not The OneIsland 0002674:19
107/02/051720These WordsEpic Digital3:36
212/10/05542UnwrittenEpic Digital4:15
306/24/06576SingleEpic Digital3:53
411/03/071120Love Like This
      Featuring Sean Kingston
Phonogenic 184983:45
502/09/08535Pocketful Of SunshinePhonogenic Digital3:22
604/10/08638AngelHollywood Digital2:30
705/09/09962SoulmatePhonogenic Digital3:33
811/06/10914Strip MePhonogenic 803113:30
105/27/67147New York Mining DisasterAtco 64872:10
207/15/67179To Love SomebodyAtco 65032:55
309/30/67169HolidayAtco 65212:52
411/11/67118(The Lights Went Out In) MassachusettsAtco 65322:18
501/20/681511WordsAtco 65483:13
604/06/68576JumboAtco 65702:07
708/17/68813I've Gotta Get A Message To YouAtco 66032:59
812/21/68611I Started A JokeAtco 66393:04
903/22/69377First Of MayAtco 66572:47
1005/31/69546Tomorrow, TomorrowAtco 66824:02
1109/20/69733Don't Forget To RememberAtco 67023:27
1203/28/70913If Only I Had My Mind On Something ElseAtco 45-67412:34
1307/11/70941I.O.I.O.Atco 67522:44
1412/05/70314Lonely DaysAtco 45-67953:45
1506/26/71115How Can You Mend A Broken HeartAtco 45-68243:52
1610/23/71537Don't Wanna Live Inside MyselfAtco 45-68475:25
1701/29/72168My WorldAtco 68714:20
1807/29/721612Run To MeAtco 68963:05
1911/18/72347AliveAtco 45-69094:00
2003/24/73943Saw A New MorningRSO 4014:07
2103/09/74933Mr. NaturalRSO 4083:34
2205/31/75117Jive Talkin'RSO 5103:33
2310/04/75716Nights On BroadwayRSO 5154:26
2412/27/751216Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)RSO 5193:26
2507/04/76120You Should Be DancingRSO 8534:15
2609/18/76323Love So RightRSO 8593:19
2701/15/771215Boogie ChildRSO 8673:30
2807/23/772613Edge Of The UniverseRSO 8803:54
2909/24/77133How Deep Is Your LoveRSO 8823:30
3012/10/77127Stayin' AliveRSO 8853:41
3102/04/78120Night FeverRSO 8893:32
3211/18/78121Too Much HeavenRSO 9134:54
3302/10/79120TragedyRSO 9185:00
3404/21/79119Love You Inside OutRSO 9253:48
3509/26/81308He's A LiarRSO 10664:00
3611/07/814510Living EyesRSO 10674:15
3705/21/832411The Woman In YouRSO 813 173-74:02
3808/20/83496Someone Belonging To SomeoneRSO 8152354:10
3909/19/87756You Win AgainWarner 283513:54
4007/29/89714OneWarner 228994:15
4110/23/93749Paying The Price Of LovePolydor 8591644:00
4206/07/972820AlonePolydor 5710064:17
4312/13/97579Still Waters (Run Deep)Polydor 5692184:02
103/02/63658Sax Fifth AvenueWB 53412:25
108/16/97903Dancehall Queen
      Featuring Chevelle Franklin
Island 5720363:42
203/14/984020Who Am I "Sim Simma"VP 61603:16
310/21/005415Girls Dem Sugar
      Featuring Mya
Shocking Vibes Album Cut4:17
408/03/022812Feel It Boy
      Featuring Janet
VP 38846 Virgin3:26
      Featuring Ms. Thing
Shocking Vibes 388904:13
609/04/048012King Of The DancehallShocking Vibes 498863:35
105/20/00779MonicaRCA 659994:04
108/28/99322Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of?)RCA 658423:41
201/29/00743Tricky TrickyRCA Album Cut3:23
105/08/711514Funky Nassau-Part 1Alston 45-45953:10
110/20/561426Jamaica FarewellRCA 66632:50
212/22/56125Mary's Boy ChildRCA 67352:57
301/12/57520Banana Boat (Day-O)RCA Victor 67713:02
403/09/57844Hold 'Em JoeRCA 03222:31
503/23/571120Mama Look At BubuRCA Victor 47-68302:58
604/20/57902Don't Ever Love MeRCA Victor 47-68302:46
706/03/572510Cocoanut WomanRCA Victor 68852:48
806/03/573018Island In The SunRCA Victor 68853:21
BELEW, Adrian
108/05/89588Oh DaddyAtlantic 889043:05
101/27/791516Livin' It Up (Friday Night)A&M 20693:20
104/07/90322PoisonMCA 537724:18
206/30/90322Do Me!MCA 538484:28
310/13/902615B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)MCA 538974:32
401/19/91638When Will I See You Smile AgainMCA 539764:55
511/14/922117GangstaMCA 545554:31
608/21/933819Something In Your EyesMCA 547254:02
101/26/59616I've Had ItTime 10042:40
205/04/59767Old Spanish TownTime 10102:15
308/29/60962Shortnin' BreadMadison 1361:50
BELL, Archie, & The Drells
103/30/68115Tighten UpAtlantic 24782:38
207/20/68910I Can't Stop DancingAtlantic 25342:19
309/28/68447Do The Choo ChooAtlantic 25592:23
412/14/682111There's Gonna Be A ShowdownAtlantic 25832:35
503/29/69943I Love My BabyAtlantic 26122:40
606/21/69597Girl You're Too YoungAtlantic 26442:22
709/13/69874My Balloon's Going UpAtlantic 26632:25
812/27/69902A World Without MusicAtlantic 26932:15
904/18/701001Don't Let The Music Slip AwayAtlantic 27212:15
1012/12/70932Wrap It UpAtlantic 27682:40
1103/17/73619Dancing To Your MusicGlades 17072:40
BELL, Benny
103/08/753011Shaving CreamVanguard 351832:40
BELL, Madeline
102/10/68269I'm Gonna Make You Love MePhilips 405172:40
BELL, Maggie
105/11/74973After MidnightAtlantic 30182:34
BELL, Randy
107/07/84903Don't Do MeEpic 044973:49
BELL, Vincent
104/11/70318Airport Love Theme (Gwen and Vern)Decca 326592:58
BELL, William
104/28/62951You Don't Miss Your WaterStax 1162:58
204/15/67952Everybody Loves A WinnerStax 2122:49
304/27/68866A Tribute To A KingStax 2482:50
401/04/69459I Forgot To Be Your LoverStax 00152:19
502/19/771015Tryin' To Love TwoMercury 738393:28
101/31/76119Let Your Love FlowWarner Bros. 81693:16
207/10/76703Hell CatWarner Bros. 82203:10
309/11/76733Satin SheetsWarner Bros. 82483:28
405/26/793911If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against MeWarner Bros. 87903:16
109/20/75776Nothin' HeavyWarner Bros. 81233:25
103/11/78924Miss BroadwayBig Tree 161094:10
105/07/83754Sign Of The TimesWarner 296722:50
203/04/891418Iko IkoCapitol 443432:49
BELLE, Regina
107/18/87689Show Me The WayColumbia 070804:09
210/14/89609Baby Come To MeColumbia 689694:12
302/24/904311Make It Like It WasColumbia 730223:53
404/03/935217If I CouldColumbia 748643:56
101/09/71955Fly Little White Dove FlyPolydor 2-150162:56
203/06/71714Stay AwhilePolydor 150233:15
306/26/71645I Love You Lady DawnPolydor 150272:36
104/27/592526Robbin' The CradleNRC 0232:32
105/15/93954Feed The TreeSire 185703:34
105/22/611811Tell Me WhySabrina 5002:29
209/04/61579Don't Get Around Much AnymoreSabrina 5012:00
312/25/61754I Need SomeoneSabina 5022:33
407/21/622814Come On Little AngelSabina 5052:58
511/17/62536Diddle-Dee-Dum (What Happens When Your Love Is Gone)Sabina 5072:40
604/20/63863Ann-MarieSabina 5093:01
109/30/78894Louie, LouieMCA 409502:55
112/29/58814FunnyRCA Victor 47-73872:25
203/30/593113Guess WhoRCA Victor 47-74692:52
112/22/792318HeartbreakerChrysalis 23953:26
204/05/802714We Live For LoveChrysalis 24193:35
307/26/804211You Better RunChrysalis 24503:02
410/04/80924Hit Me With Your Best ShotChrysalis 24642:50
501/17/811818Treat Me RightChrysalis 24873:15
607/18/811715Fire And IceChrysalis 25293:20
711/03/813811Promises In The DarkChrysalis 25554:48
810/16/821316Shadows Of The NightChrysalis 26473:40
902/05/832014Little Too LateChrysalis 035363:22
1004/23/833910Looking For A StrangerChrysalis 426883:24
1109/24/83522Love Is A BattlefieldChrysalis 427324:00
1210/27/84520We BelongChrysalis 428263:40
1301/19/85369Ooh Ooh SongChrysalis 428434:06
1407/06/851017InvincibleChrysalis 415074:00
1511/23/852813Sex As A WeaponChrysalis 4-429274:15
1602/15/86548Le Bel Age (The Best Years)Chrysalis 4-429684:15
1707/02/881917All Fired UpChrysalis 432684:08
103/20/995514Georgy Porgy
      Featuring Faith Evans
Warner 446124:40
207/03/992122Spend My Life With You
      Featuring Tamia
Warner 169584:35
BENNETT, Boyd, & His Rockets
107/09/55517SeventeenKing 14702:01
211/12/55398My Boy-Flat TopKing 14942:20
304/14/566310Blue Suede Shoes
      and his Rockets (above 3)
King 49032:06
409/21/59734Boogie BearMercury 714791:59
BENNETT, Joe, & The Sparkletones
108/26/571719Black SlacksABC-Paramount 98372:05
212/23/57428Penny Loafers And Bobby SocksABC-Paramount 98671:47
104/14/561619Can You Find It In Your HeartColumbia 406672:38
208/18/563814Happiness Street (Corner Sunshine Square)Columbia 407262:10
308/18/561112From The Candy Store On The Corner...Columbia 407262:21
411/10/56188The Autumn WaltzColumbia 407703:08
511/10/564614Just In TimeColumbia 407702:36
605/20/57499One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
      with Ray Coniff
Columbia 409073:12
708/05/57921In The Middle Of An IslandColumbia 409652:04
808/19/57931I AmColumbia 409652:18
911/18/57222Ca, C'est L' AmourColumbia 410322:43
1006/23/58238Young And Warm And WonderfulColumbia 411722:35
1108/17/58736SmileColumbia 4-414342:48
1209/08/582013FireflyColumbia 4-412371:58
1308/11/591921I Left My Heart In San FranciscoColumbia 423322:51
1412/21/59745Climb Ev'ry MountainColumbia 415202:15
1501/05/63858I Will Live My Life For YouColumbia 426342:21
1601/12/631416I Wanna Be AroundColumbia 426342:10
1705/11/631810The Good LifeColumbia 427792:14
1806/08/63922Spring In ManhattanColumbia 427792:32
1907/20/63707This Is All I AskColumbia 428203:14
2007/27/63992True Blue LouColumbia 428202:41
2110/12/63547Don't Wait Too LongColumbia 428862:34
2212/21/63529The Little BoyColumbia 429312:22
2303/21/64945When Joanna Loved MeColumbia 429962:30
2407/11/64991It's A Sin To Tell A LieColumbia 430732:31
2508/22/64943A Taste Of HoneyColumbia 430732:53
2610/03/643310Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)Columbia 431412:55
2702/13/65349If I Ruled The WorldColumbia 432203:00
2807/24/65844Fly Me To The MoonColumbia 433313:07
2911/13/65956Love Theme From The SandpiperColumbia 434313:34
3007/23/66894Georgia RoseColumbia 437152:30
3110/28/67915For Once In My LifeColumbia 442583:16
BENSON, George
106/12/761019This MasqueradeWarner Bros. 82093:17
210/16/76636Breezin'Warner Bros. 82685:18
307/02/77715Gonna Love You MoreWarner Bros. 83773:30
407/30/772414The Greatest Love Of AllArista 02513:29
503/11/78718On BroadwayWarner Bros. 85425:14
602/24/791815Love BalladWarner Bros. 87594:15
707/05/80423Give Me The NightWarner Bros. 495053:52
810/18/80616Love X LoveWarner Bros. 495703:48
911/03/81522Turn Your Love AroundWarner Bros. 498463:50
1002/20/82529Never Give Up On A Good ThingWarner Bros. 500053:58
1105/14/834310Inside Love (So Personal)Warner Bros. 296494:08
1207/23/833013Lady Love Me (One More Time)Warner Bros. 295633:59
1312/15/84481320/20Warner Bros. 291204:05
106/21/032220What Was I Thinkin'Capitol 779633:43
210/23/044916How Am I Doin'Capitol (Nashville) Album Cut3:49
304/02/054719Lot Of Leavin' Left To DoCapitol (Nashville)3:42
409/24/053120Come A Little CloserCapitol (Nashville)4:42
504/01/064218Settle For A SlowdownCapitol (Nashville) Digital3:43
608/26/064816Every Mile A MemoryCapitol Nashville Digital3:53
703/10/076612Long Trip AloneCapitol Nashville Digital3:44
808/18/074620Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go)Capitol Nashville Digital3:19
904/19/087315Trying To Stop Your LeavingCapitol Nashville Digital3:39
1010/25/083221Feel That FireCapitol Nashville Digital3:21
1104/18/093520SidewaysCapitol Nashville Digital3:04
1210/17/095220I Wanna Make You Close Your EyesCapitol Nashville Digital3:59
1307/24/10991Up On The RidgeCapitol Nashville Digital3:34
103/10/58824A Million Miles From NowhereVik 03112:38
201/26/59318It's Just A Matter Of TimeMercury 713942:26
302/23/59784Hurtin' InsideMercury 713942:08
404/20/591213EndlesslyMercury 714432:19
505/18/59387So CloseMercury 714432:06
607/13/591614Thank You Pretty BabyMercury 714782:29
707/20/59821With All My HeartMercury 714782:32
810/19/59616So Many WaysMercury 715122:29
912/21/59665This Time Of The YearMercury 715542:23
1004/11/60379The Ties That BindMercury 715662:30
1104/18/60585Hither And Thither And YonMercury 715662:33
1208/08/60717KiddioMercury 716522:36
1308/22/601612The Same OneMercury 716522:27
1411/14/602410Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)Mercury 717222:25
1512/26/60931Someday You'll Want Me To Want YouMercury 717222:23
1602/06/61288For My BabyMercury 717742:40
1702/13/611112Think TwiceMercury 717742:30
1805/15/61216The Boll Weevil SongMercury 718202:35
1908/21/61208Frankie And JohnnyMercury 718592:27
2010/02/61455It's Just A House Without YouMercury 718592:35
2111/20/611510RevengeMercury 719032:37
2201/13/62199ShadrackMercury 719122:20
2301/13/62772The Lost PennyMercury 719123:14
2402/17/62437Walk On The Wild SideMercury 719252:30
2505/05/62458Hit RecordMercury 719622:33
2608/25/621310Lie To MeMercury 720242:14
2711/24/62312Hotel HappinessMercury 720552:40
2812/08/62891Still Waters Run DeepMercury 720552:36
2903/09/63598Dearer Than LifeMercury 720992:35
3003/16/63288I Got What I WantedMercury 720992:32
3106/15/63229My True ConfessionMercury 721352:20
3209/07/633210Two Tickets To ParadiseMercury 721772:38
3301/25/64357Going Going GoneMercury 722302:45
3405/09/64438Too Late To Turn Back NowMercury 722662:16
3505/16/64477Another Cup Of CoffeeMercury 722662:13
3607/18/64757A House Is Not A HomeMercury 723032:58
3710/03/64537LumberjackMercury 723332:17
3812/19/64674Do It RightMercury 723652:30
3907/03/651001Love Me NowMercury 724462:56
4011/13/65537Mother Nature, Father TimeRCA 86932:48
4108/19/67784Laura (Tell Me What's He Got That I Ain't Got)Reprise 6113:15
4210/26/68992Do Your Own ThingCotillion 440072:54
4307/05/69746Nothing Can Take The Place Of YouCotillion 440343:16
4401/10/70414Rainy Night In GeorgiaCotillion 440573:29
4504/18/70726My WayCotillion 45-440724:08
4605/30/70457Don't It Make You Want To Go HomeCotillion 45-440783:20
      with the Dixie Flyers (above 2)
Cotillion 440932:50
110/12/028218Rock The PartySurrender/Elektra 673304:04
112/15/58676Come Prima (Koma Preema)Columbia 412752:25
103/05/83627Sex (I'm A...)Geffen 297473:30
205/28/835810The MetroGeffen 296384:07
309/24/83823MasqueradeGeffen 295044:04
403/10/842317No More WordsGeffen 293603:54
506/30/84744Now It's My TurnGeffen 292833:40
606/21/86121Take My Breath AwayColumbia 38-059034:13
710/25/86825Like FlamesGeffen 285634:02
101/03/70904'2001' A Space OdysseyPolydor 150091:38
104/17/646210DonnieEra 31252:06
103/09/592012This Should Go On ForeverArgo 53272:38
211/09/59749One More ChanceMercury 715072:18
103/17/561615Main Title From The Man With The Golden Arm
Decca 298693:14
BERRY, Chuck
108/20/55511MaybelleneChess 16042:19
206/30/56295Roll Over Beethoven
Chess 16262:30
304/06/57326School DayChess 16532:40
407/29/57577Oh Baby DollChess 16642:36
511/11/57819Rock & Roll MusicChess 16712:30
602/17/58216Sweet Little SixteenChess 16832:58
704/28/58815Johnny B. GoodeChess 16912:30
807/28/58812Beautiful DelilahChess 16972:07
908/25/581810CarolChess 17002:47
1011/10/58479Sweet Little Rock And RollChess 17092:19
1111/17/58835Joe Joe GunChess 17092:49
1212/15/58693Run Rudolph RunChess 17142:43
1312/15/58713Merry Christmas BabyChess 17143:12
1402/16/59605Anthony BoyChess 17161:48
1503/30/593213Almost GrownChess 17222:21
1604/13/59804Little QueenieChess 17222:36
1706/22/59378Back In The U.S.A.Chess 17292:21
1802/01/60648Let It RockChess 17472:28
1902/15/60426Too Pooped To PopChess 17472:20
2003/07/642310NadineChess 18832:30
2105/23/641011No Particular Place To GoChess 18982:37
2208/01/64149You Never Can TellChess 19062:42
2310/24/64546Little MarieChess 19122:35
2412/12/64417Promised LandChess 19162:20
2504/03/65954Dear DadChess 19261:50
2608/05/72117My Ding-A-LingChess 21314:18
2712/02/722713Reelin' & Rockin'Chess 21364:16
104/29/784710Ca Plane Pour MoiSire 10203:00
107/01/953020GoodElektra 644283:07
211/25/957112RosealiaElektra 643624:00
312/21/964820Desperately WantingElektra 642284:35
403/13/99784At The StarsElektra Album Cut3:43
111/14/64748Do Anything You Wanna (Part 1)Gateway 7472:40
111/03/90904Doing The DoSire 195703:38