I am an avid music lover who has been following charted music since I was old enough to read the charts. Over the years I just wrote things down to keep track of what was going on, then started using a database to keep all the information. I threw this site together just for a few friends to use to find out the basics about charted songs on the Hot 100, and it has expanded from there. There is far more information in the database then there is on this site. I hope to rectify that soon once I lose my hair learning php and MySQL so I can have it all here for everyone.

I plan to have the artists names link to the 'All Music Guide' Web site for more information. I am also working on a search capability so all you have to do is type in an artist's name, or the name of the song and get the results. This may be a while though, as I am having to learn to do this myself. Anyone with any MySQL and PHP experience wants to donate some help, I ( and many other collectors) would sure appreciate it. Any suggestions/errors, email me at

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Oct 2014 - It appears my email server was NOT sending me any emails from this website. I get so many from the spreadsheet that I never really noticed. This has now been fixed. Needless to say I got over 2 years worth of emails all at once. I won't be able to respond to all of them, but am working through correcting errors that were pointed out. Hopefully I will now get all emails in a timely manner.